The Native American Flute is a very important part of my "Spiritual Journey" which I began in 2000. The Native American Flute is a key for unlocking my soul. It is my tool for getting in touch with my innermost being and a way to share it with others. My music represents the language of my soul and therefore has become the vehicle of my ministry. I give thanks for the gift of the flute from the Native Americans who made it such an instrument of The Spirit.

Backing Tracks 

I am happy to announce the "Backing Tracks for the Native American Flute Vol. 3" on Feb. 1, 2018. This CD has 17 backing tracks to add to your music choices. The first 11 tracks are from the "sister" CD "Fathers Dream" with the flute excluded so you can add your own music creation. (Music Minus One). Six additional bonus tracks have been included for your enjoyment.

I find playing with Backing Tracks is my most enjoyable method for working on my rhythm, breathing, and music improvisation. It's enjoyable to

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Your CD's are excellent ! I was really impressed with the maturity of your playing, the tone, the vibrato, the musicianship, the improvisations, etc.” - Larry

— " Musician, Educator, Composer, and Performer "